Where is spring?

It is still snowing here!! Spring sprung when? About a month ago? Where is it? AAAAHHHHHHH the cold and snow is making me go crazy. So lets see, what i’ve been doing lately.

I’m currently reading a Faye Kellerman book called Serpents Tooth.  I’ve really enjoyed reading her books. So far i’ve read : Ritual Bath, Sacred Profanity, Milk & Honey, Day of Atonement, Moon Music . You really should read them in order but since i couldnt’ find some of them, i’ve read a couple out of order.

I’ve started on cross stitching and crochet. I’m doing a cross stitch Jerry of Tom & Jerry for my son.

I’m just learning crochet and will try a bookmark.

I found some great sites for free patterns.

My son is also going to Awanas each week. He really loves going. I’m also going to check the 4H club to see if he can still join that.  Its snowing out now, big flakes.  😦 My son woke up in the middle of the night a few weeks ago, could hardly breath, sounded like he had croup. We rushed him to the ER and they gave him a mist  treatment and some medication. He had strider, very scary!! It was really weird, he had been fine all day long, no fever, no cold, nothing and then all of the sudden woke up like that. Of course, now every night i check on him a couple of times, i’m paranoid.

One of the gals at work gave her 2 wks notice, the hiring begins again!! I’m glad i don’t have to do the hiring, its so time consuming , calling the applicants, reviewing, questioning, deciding, ugh. But the good news is i’m finally catching up on the work, yeaaaaaa , i’m so relieved! Well, gotta go do some work now…… nextime…….Jerry!